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Benefits Of Using Proctoring Software When Giving Out Online Exams

If you have a class or educational program that gives out exams online, then you need a way to maintain testing integrity. You can use online exam proctoring software, which comes with a lot of amazing benefits today for online exams and quizzes.

Verify Testing Participants

Since your examinations are taking place online, there is the risk of someone else taking the exam that isn't supposed to. That would be considered cheating, but you can curb this type of activity by using examine proctoring software. With it, you can verify all testing participants that are supposed to be taking the quiz or exam.

Facial recognition software will be used to verify the right people are taking the exams. That gives you confidence in the integrity of the testing that took place. If someone that isn't supposed to take the exam tries to anyway, they won't be able to bypass the proctoring software.

Easy to Customize Which Security Features You Want Enabled

A lot of examine proctoring software programs come with a lot of security features that help you maintain testing integrity, but you have the option to customize when ones are enabled throughout testing. That's key because your testing formats and requirements may change.

Certain security features like ID verification and lockdown browser may not be needed for every examination that you administer online. You can choose what is appropriate and therefore really make the most out of exam proctoring software.

Receive Results Quickly

Because of the way proctoring software is set up to support online examinations, it doesn't take very long for students to receive their results. They can submit all their questions, double-check their answers, and then results within minutes of finishing the exam.

That saves you the trouble of going through examinations one by one and expending a lot of time and effort. Proctoring software for online examinations increases convenience for all parties involved. You can save time scoring tests because you won't need to grade them by hand. The security of online testing now makes this a viable avenue for you to use. 

More and more educational programs are taking place online, which means more online examinations are involved. You can properly support your own online exams in an organized way by using proctoring software. It's easy to set up and includes a bunch of security features that you'll need to ensure testing integrity is maintained.