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4 Tips To Buy A Home With Existing Privacy Features To Enjoy

Many factors can motivate an individual to seek homeownership. In your situation, you may want more privacy than what you can get from most rentals. Buying a home allows you to make changes until you are satisfied with privacy levels. An alternative worth considering is looking for homes with several existing privacy features to enjoy.

Buying a home with reliable privacy features can make you feel confident about putting in a serious offer.

Sloped Front Yard

Many properties have flat front yards in which someone from the sidewalk can clearly see the front door and through windows. However, you can prioritize home listings with a sloped front yard that separates the house from the sidewalk and street with height and distance.

The height difference alone can prevent someone on the sidewalk from seeing inside any open windows. Also, it only takes a few bushes and shrubs to boost privacy further. You might even like the idea of getting a front porch, knowing it will have ample natural privacy.

Hedges and Trees

When you look around the perimeter of listed properties, you want to look for privacy measures. Shade trees and privacy hedges can give you adequate privacy. The important part is strategic planting and consistent care to ensure that hedges and trees grow tall and bushy.

A thick privacy hedge can give you as much privacy as a solid fence. In some cases, you might get even more privacy than what a fence provides when the hedge keeps growing taller.

Trees are helpful because they can block windows on neighboring homes. Going on in-person tours is often essential to determine how much privacy you can get from trees.

Perimeter Fencing

While privacy hedges can function like a fence, you still want to look for properties with perimeter fencing. Tall picket height and gapless fencing are two things worth demanding in your home search because they are vital for maximizing privacy. You can easily analyze photos to determine whether fencing has a solid design and is tall enough for reliable privacy.

Window Treatments

Some homeowners may take their window treatments when selling and moving out of a house. However, you will find some places with built-in or custom window treatments that come with the house purchase. A strategic goal is to look for home listings with these treatments that provide full privacy so you can use them immediately after moving in.

Go house hunting with these tips to buy a place with existing and effective privacy features. 

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